Dr. William K. Haley


Serving the East Bay communities of Walnut Creek - Concord - Lafayette - Martinez for more than 25 years

Greg Maier, Concord, CA

Testimonials can be florid (i.e., "flowery narrative") and tend toward the "purple" (i.e., "over the top"), but in my case it isn't too much to state that treatment with Dr. Haley has changed my life for the better. Though his skillful attention to one of the roots of well-being--my spine--he has help alleviate decades of accumulated stress compounded by injuries, and the resulting healing not only makes me feel better but also better able to meet life's challenges.

I came to Dr. Haley deeply skeptical, even though I had seen what wonders he worked on wife following two acute back injuries. Having now been in the capable hands of Dr. Haley myself, I have learned not only about the role of chiropractic medicine in relation to overall health and nutrition, but that Dr. Haley can help people suffering as I was. Whether one's back problems are chronic or acute, it is possible to feel better and maintain that feeling. My advice is don't take the pain lying down or wait and wonder ... see Dr. Haley for a consultation. I finally did and never regretted it.

David and Tanya, Pittsburg, CA

My husband and I have being going to Dr. Haley for treatment going on twenty-two years. We first met him when my husband slipped and fell on a wet floor at work. David has two bad discs that cause him great pain at times and all the doctors wanted to do was put him through surgery. Dr. Haley works on David regularly along with each of his flare ups (some of his flare ups are so bad he can't stand up straight) and each time Dr. Haley gets David back to functioning and pain free.

I started treatment from Dr. Haley for my migraines that I've suffered from since childhood. At one time I was up to three major migraines a month but after initial and on going treatment I'm down to maybe one horrible migraine every few years with a few smaller ones in between. I can't imagine how much pain I would be in without Dr. Haley, he's made a huge difference in both of our lives.

Phil Anderson, Walnut Creek, CA

My name is Phil Anderson. The specific problems that I was having were with my neck, shoulders, and left elbow region, and discomfort in my mid-back region. With regard to my neck, I was unable to perform the simplest of tasks, such as turning my head to the right side. I was unable to lift my left arm without shooting pains in my shoulders and my middle upper arm would burn and hurt almost constantly. Sleep was next to impossible. I spoke with Dr. Haley and asked him if he thought this was a condition that should be treated by a medical physician or if he thought chiropractic care should be considered first. I can honestly say I am "pain-free". If your results are as good as mine, you won't be sorry. Thank you Dr. Haley. You are the best!

Bob Mathews, Pleasant Hill, CA

I have worked in the construction trades for over 30 years and have always heard the stories about people with back pain. Mine started about 10 years ago and I guess I thought it was basically part of the job. I had seen my M.D. about it, and was given stretching exercises, pain pills, anti-inflamatory drugs, and muscle relaxers. They helped some, but only temporarily. I was skeptical of chiropractors, but saw a couple of them, again with minimal and temporary success. I found Dr. Haley on the web and he took my Kaiser Insurance. After fewer than ten adjustments I was pain free. It was very strange to be able to wake up and get out of bed and stand up ... I kept waiting for that jab of pain, and it never came. Now I try to remember to not mistreat my back, and I return rarely for minor "tune ups." I truly feel that I have been cured.