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Lower-Back Pain and Acute Low-Back Pain

About 1 in 4 of our patients that meet with Dr. William K. Haley are most concerned with lower back pain, mid back pain, and pelvic area pain. And, a good portion of these patients are in pain because of an auto accident. But today, more than ever, Dr. Haley is treating patients from Walnut Creek and all over Contra Costa county, who have pain due to repetitive stress at the workplace. "People sitting in front of a computer all-day long are just as prone to experiencing lower back as the dockyard worker," says Dr. Haley. His chiropractic care includes remedies that reduce or eliminate physical and emotional stress associated with lower back pain. Dr. Haley believes in most situations, for about 17 in 20 patients, natural spinal cord adjustment can be an effective treatment for lower back pain.


Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain

There are many possible reasons for your low back pain but spinal sprain and postural fatigue account for about 7 in 10 cases not caused by more serious conditions. For example, lifting a heavy object improperly often results in immediate back pain, but other reasons for your pain have been developing for a long time prior to the outset of your discomfort, such as poor posture when sitting or standing, poor sleeping, and so on.

Defining Acute Low-back Pain

Acute low-back pain is general-ized pain located in the low back region lasting no longer than six weeks.

If this pain is accompanied by radiating pain down one or both legs, it is a possible sign of something more serious, and in this case it is wise to see a qualified medical doctor for a diagnosis immediately.

In most acute low-back pain cases though, according to Dr. William K. Haley, acute low-back pain can be effectively treated with spinal adjustments by a qualified and experienced chiropractor. This should not be surprising. A University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Study in 1994 concluded the greater and more rapid improvement for acute low-back pain occurred when treated using exercises and spinal adjustment. Other studies conducted by the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and the University of Vermont published in 1992 concluded that spinal adjustment, when compared to other methods of treatment for acute lower-back pain (massage, corset, and TMS), proved to be a superior and more effective treatment after three weeks of care.

Pain, stiffness, and swollen joints may be a result of inflamed joints. Chiropractors are educated and trained to specialize in spinal adjustments to restore normal nerve energy "life-force" or flow to all of the joints, kidneys and other internal organs, including the adrenal glands. Chiropractic care has been successful in treating arthritis and other disorders that affect the joints.