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Chiropractic Care for Children

Common Question: Is it safe for my kids to get adjusted by my chiropractor?

From birth through adolescence a child's body goes through rapid growth and constant change. Childhood is full of bumps and bruises and more serious mishaps ... some of which have the potential to push a child's spine out of alignment.

Children get pushed, pulled, thrown, tossed about every which way we can imagine ... so it is not surprising many children have spinal misalignment. The "childhood years" are the most important years for everyone. As your body takes shape it is important to have proper spinal alignment.

Little Kids Can Have Big Problems

Many children with spinal misalignment as with adults, are not aware a problem exists due to lack of pain. For example, nerve interference due to spinal misalignment can cause communication between a child's brain and bladder to breakdown, and cause bed wetting and other bladder control problems. Chiropractic care can remove the interference that causes bladder control.

Kids actually do much better then adults from their chiropractic adjustments. Their subluxatons haven't had time to worsen and they also heal very fast! Their adjustments last longer and they respond quicker.

It can be difficult to know if your child has spinal subluxations, so it is not always easy to let someone other then a trained chiropractor determine if there are any problems. In fact, regular scheduled maintenance visits are probably as good for your child as they for you! These are some common indicators that your child may have spinal problems:

Some common examples of what chiropractic adjustments can handle:

Subluxations can cause a whole bunch of things other than just back pain or neck pain. Even giving birth can be so traumatic on the spine of the infant thus creating subluxations. Can you imagine a child waiting until they were say 35 or even 55 years old before they saw their first chiropractor? That damage would be sitting there for 55 years. Please bring you kids in with you on your next appointment, we look forward to caring for your entire family!